Were I a Yankee, I wouldn™t stand within 100 feet of Rodriguez. Not because he used steroids. No, because he is a fraud; a full-of-crap buffoon who, in his need to be viewed as Mr. Perfect, has become as transparently trustworthy as a street-corner peddler.Jeff Pearlman, February 16, 2009.

Apparently, A-Rod’s teammates took Mr. Pearlman’s advice to heart. As shown in the photograph above, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and a host of other track suit wearing dudes sat much futher than 100 feet from Alex Rodriguez’ Confesssion Pt. II, a carefully stage managed affair that did little to rebuild The Third Baseman’s credibility.  Writes the Journal News’ Peter Abraham, “the problem with Alex is you can™t be sure what to believe.”

Consider this timeline:

” Tells Katie Couric and others that he never did anything.
” Tells Peter Gammons he did something but he wasn™t sure what it was.
” Says today he did some mysterious over-the-counter drug from the Dominican with an unnamed cousin.

At one point today A-Rod said the drug gave him energy. Then he said he wasn™t sure what he did. As he closes one hole, he opens another. It™s beyond reason that anybody would be œyoung and stupid enough to inject themselves with a drug so many times unless it was helping them in some way.

I asked Don Hooton whether Alex had contributed any money to his foundation. He has not and there are no plans to, he said. œHe™s going to help us raise money, Mr. Hooton said.

Sans blue sweater and purple lipstick, Rodriguez might’ve received better advice going into today’s press conference (well, from Sarah Palin’s handlers, anyway), but the results were no less comical.  Not since the prominent placement of Reese’s Pieces in Spielberg’s “E.T.” has a confectionry item received the sort of boost provided by A-Rod’s Tic Tac plug ; not since Vince Coleman clumsily expressed contrition for pelting children with M-80’s has there been a shittier, less sufficient apology than Rodriguez’ admission that he’d “had a good conversation” with Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts.