For a moment I thought Al Trautwig needed my bank account information for a major wire transfer from Nigeria.

Dear Gerard,

Tonight at 10 PM…. Catch an in-depth interview with Madison Square Garden Chairman James Dolan and Knicks President Isiah Thomas discussing Isiah’s new role as coach and the future of the franchise.

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Though I’m sure Newsday’ Greg Logan would be very intimidated at the thought of his interviewing technique being compared to that of Al Trautwig, the former tried just the same, to sit through a Dolan press conference with a straight face earlier today.

“It’s my contention Larry never intended to coach this team beyond this season,” Dolan said Monday in a meeting with six Knicks beat writers and The Associated Press. Holding one hand about 18 inches above a conference table, Dolan added, “If there’s any doubt about that, there’s a stack of evidence that high.”

>Reviewing the decision he made to hire Brown at the behest of team president Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden sports operation head Steve Mills, Dolan admitted, “We made a mistake.”

If anyone pays, it will be Thomas, who was ordered by Dolan to succeed Brown as coach and given an ultimatum to right the ship in one season or follow Brown out the door. “This is his team; he made this bed,” Dolan said of Thomas, who is responsible for bringing in every player on the 15-man roster. “There’s no one better than him to make this go forward. If I can say there has been significant progress after one year, he’ll be here. If we can’t say that, he will not be here.”

As of 8pm, the much ballyhooed A.I.-to-Boston deal is supposedly, not happening. A shame, too. This could’ve done wonders for WEEI’s ratings during the wintertime, regardless of how the Patriots do.