From The Times Of Trenton’s Mike Olshin :

Brett Myers made it clear that he’s still not happy with his 2004 performance, as the brash pitcher took out his frustration at a variety of targets – himself, the media, and even Phillies fans.

With bitterness matched by the cold air outside, Myers snapped at a host of beat reporters during an otherwise cordial media luncheon yesterday at the Diamond Club in Citizens Bank Park.

The 24-year-old righthander struggled mightily a year ago, his second full season in the majors. He finished 11-11 – actually the second-most wins for an injury-depleted staff – but his 5.52 ERA was second-worst in the National League (fifth-worst in the majors) for pitchers with at least 162 innings.

So the fireworks started yesterday when a reporter asked about his 2004 season and whether Myers was hoping for a fresh start.

“How did I not have a great year?” Myers said. “I had 11 wins, didn’t I? Isn’t that good enough? There are guys making $10 million that didn’t get 11 wins. What are you talking about that’s not a good year? Because my ERA was bad? I won 11 games. Just drop it at that.”

Obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Especially when Myers (above) was asked with the next question whether he thought he had a good year.

“No, but I got 11 wins out of it,” Myers said. “So anybody who wants to talk about how I didn’t have a good year, you can look back at the other guys who didn’t who are making $10 million.

“In my personal opinion (I didn’t have a good year),” Myers continued. “But for (the media) to say it is not right.”

“You can’t name guys who didn’t struggle their second year,” Myers said. “You guys love (Curt) Schilling. How good was he his first three years? He wasn’t outstanding. He was supposed to be outstanding. You got molded into that pitcher. I’m just irritated of all the (stuff) you guys have been writing in the papers how I’m fat and out of shape and all that (stuff).”