An alleged case of the flu kept guard Nate Robinson out of the lineup for the Knicks’ miserable showing in Chicago last night, and barely anyone with internet access was surprised to learn earlier today that a proposed swap of Robinson and Boston’s Eddie House was nearing completion.  Robinson’s similarly indisposed for the Knicks versus the Bulls tonight at MSG, thus costing the diminutive N8 an opportunity to flaunt the hardware from his third consecutive meaningless personal achievement Slam Dunk Championship.

I’m not sure how Cablevision intends to make this up to long-suffering season ticket holders, but House’s expiring contract might be useful in attracting whichever free agents are left next summer (after LeBron, Wade and Chris Bosh have signed elsewhere). The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola notes that Robinson is set to earn an additional $1 million for making the playoffs with Boston, a clause that strikes me as about as justified as Brian Scalabrine earning a percentage of the box office receipts from “Avatar”.