With all due respect to the New York Daily News’ scoop about Roger Clemens being photographed at that wild Jose Canseco party he swore to Congress he’d not attended, the following item from the New York Post’s Kati Cornell is the frontrunner for Friday’s story of the day.

Former Mets sparkplug Lenny Dykstra sounded ready to charge the mound yesterday after finding out he’s being sued by a Midtown accounting firm that says he took a walk on a $111,000 tab.

“These are the guys that charged a hundred grand to try to do my taxes. What does that tell you?” an incredulous Dykstra said in a phone interview yesterday.

The suit filed in Manhattan federal court by DDK & Company claims Dykstra and his wife, Terry, refused to pay for services provided between February and June of 2007 – racking up a bill that has since grown to nearly $139,000 with penalties.

The former All-Star said he felt personally betrayed by the lawsuit because the accountant who worked on his return, Jeffrey Feinman, is someone he considered a good friend.

“He stayed at my house. He supposedly was my buddy. I took him to 50 dinners – steak and lobster,” said the star outfielder, who now lives in Southern California. “The dinners were OK . . . but I didn’t know I was going to pay for them twice.”

Not to cast aspersions on Ms. Cornell’s journalistic chops, but something seems fishy here. We’re supposed to believe she spoke with Lenny Dykstra for more than 30 seconds and not once did he utter the word, “dude”?