Heavy minutes logged by most of the Suns’ starters versus the team’s relative lack of bench depth. Perhaps not Alien Vs. Predator, but a compelling enough story given tonight’s injury to Steve Nash (above), easily the best former Spurs trialist (ok, the only former Spurs trialist) to emerge as a viable NBA MVP candidate.

Would you have guessed at the begining of the season that Corey Maggette’s Clippers would beat Shaq’s Heat before Kobe’s Lakers could make the same claim? If you forecast exactly that, well, what’s the big deal? So you can predict the outcome of a sporting event. It isn’t like you can earn money doing that.

Congrats to Portland G Damon Stoudamire on his 54 point explosion in tonight’s Portland loss to New Orleans. Mighty Mouse not only set the Blazers’ franchise record for points scored in a single game, but he became the first NBA player to record a half century while failing to record a single rebound.