Don Smith has been on my case this morning about the lack of coverage regarding the Nationals’ fortuitous 6-2 defeat of the Mets last night behind the exceptional pitching of Mike O’Connor (above). Not that he couldn’t have read about it in any number of other places. But it does strike me as a little odd that on a day Mr. Smith should by all rights be celebrating the fact that his Nationals are about to be purchased by someone other than a dog-butchering anti-semite, he’s instead hung up on one mere game out of 162.

Well, I’m not like that. For me, harmony and brotherhood far supersede trival matters like wins and losses, and with that in mind, I reached out to the Nationals’ charming mascot, Screech, via his MySpace page.

At first I was upset that Screech hadn’t added me as a friend right away, and much like Doubting Don Smith, I immediately lept to the conclusion Screech was dodging me. “Who does this elitist fuck think he is?,” I wondered, “to be guarding his MySpace friendship like so much cultural capital?” So I’m not cool enough for Screech? Is that it?

Luckily, we had a brief power failure yesterday that prevented me from sending Screech any further death threats, and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve now been approved as his official MySpace pal. So take a lesson from this, Don Smith. If I can find common ground with a disease-bearing bird and Bud Selig can find it in his heart to reject the overtures of a man who likes to barbecue dogs, perhaps you and I can put aside such petty matters as whether or not CSTB acknowledges the rare occasion of a Nationals win within 12 hours of the game’s end?

While rightly hailing Omar Minaya’s acquisitions of Duaner Sanchez, Xavier Nady and Paul Lo Duca, Newsday’s Jon Heyman suggests a Spike Lee joint about the Mets’ GM. D’ya think Michael Imperioli is ready to play the part of Chris Russo?

Adults who don’t write letters to cartoon birds weigh in on last night’s Mets loss. :

With O’Connor on the mound it was a flashback to last year when teams would bring up minor league pitchers to face the Mets and they would turn into Sandy Koufax. O’Connor was solid last night changing speeds and showing exceptional command of his change up which he threw for strikes whenever he needed to. The Mets batters looked very confused with O’Connor’s stuff and his delivery which reminded me a lot of Scott Kazmir. – Steve Keane, The Eddie Kranepool Society

The state of Maine has over 21,000 miles of public highways, exceeding the total mileage of any other New England state.

John Maine gave up a home run tonight that is still traveling and should reach 21,000 miles sometime Thursday afternoon.Metsradamus

Jorge Julio was an animal last night. He was setting up his pitches and executing them. A few pitches looked like he had no idea were they are going, but his slider is as unhittable as any when it is on and even when he hits the mitt at 82, it sounds like his pitches are moving a lot faster. It will take a lot more for him to be trusted, but you have to feel good about what he has been showing of late.The Metropolitans

That kid O’Connor that beat them looked like he was 12 years old. They made him look like Sandy Koufax. 2 hits in 7 innings, both by Lo Duca. What is it about the Mets and kid pitchers? It’s beyond weird and into the Twilight Zone of frustration.

I know Darren Oliver has had some decent moments, but I like Feliciano better as a lefty and Heath Bell better for that spot in the bullpen, and I’m not just dumping on him because he’s had a couple of bad outings. He is what he always was, a journeyman pitcher.Mike’s Mets