Other than Albert Pujols, no one in baseball has hit more homers than human windmill 1B/OF Adam Dunn (above) over the past 6 seasons, who signed a 4-year, $56 million pact with the White Sox on Thursday. “”Knowing that we had one of the three top free agents on our team and we didn’t want to resign him, it’s frustrating for us as players,” complains Nationals 3B Ryan Zimmerman, who tells MASN.com’s Ben Goessling, “we’re getting to the point on our team where we’re supposed to wait it out…we’ve trusted the front office, and we still trust them. But we want to best possible team on the field.” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“My whole view on leadership is that great leaders never have to talk about it and never have to do things to make people say they’re great leaders,” Zimmerman said. “Those are the people who do everything for the wrong reasons. Me and (Adam) are on the same page. We would do things where people can’t see it. He taught me a lot about that as well, to keep things under wraps – you don’t need everyone to know you’re doing this for a player, you’re doing that for a player.”

Zimmerman, whose contract runs through 2013, is rarely one to voice frustration with the front office, and was careful not to do it overtly on Thursday. But he also had some strong words about how much Dunn will be missed and how his presence in the lineup needs to be replaced this winter.

“When you add a guy like that, a bona fide No. 4 hitter, it lengthens your lineup a ton – a guy that would be hitting fifth is hitting sixth,” Zimmerman said. “It makes the other team notice. I think all of us notice what they (in the front office) do. We’ve trusted their plan the whole time, and now it’s getting to that point where it’s time to do some things.”