From Oddsnark :

World Cup organizers in Germany today unveiled their secret weapon to ward off disturbances by soccer hooligans. Organizers announced that techno-ambient composer Brian Eno and artsy-fartsy singer Peter Gabriel will perform a 26-hour-long concert at the tournament™s opening ceremony. In addition, Eno™s trance-inducing Ambient 1: Music for Airports would be played on an infinite loop during the games, while an extended version of Gabriel™s mind-numbing œBiko would be used to lull would-be vandals into a state of compliance at other times during the month-long championship competition. When asked what officials might do if the double-dose of soporiferous artists didn™t assuage violence at the games, Wolfgang Niersbach, executive vice president of the organizing committee, held up a copy of OK Computer and said, œDon™t make me play it, because I will.