(Brian Schnieder, right, ready to slap the first person who asks “is it Lima Time already?”)

After a night in which the Mets and Marlins’ bullpens combined to toss 9 innings of scoreless relief, and the latter’s Robert Andino ended the night with a 10th inning solo HR off New York’s Matt Wise, Wednesday’s back home will surely be dominated by the news of Pedro Martinez’ latest injury.

Newsday’s David Lennon is calling it a hamstring strain, and while that in and off itself shouldn’t spell the end of Martinez’ season, it’s pretty safe to say no one in the organization had contemplated filling his roster spot as soon as the 3rd game of the year.

Not to take anything away from the Fish, but I do hope the Mets will consider lodging a protest with MLB ; Luis Gonzalez hit a 2-run HR off Martinez, and I’m pretty sure there’s a rule on the books preventing zombies from taking part in anything other than Old Timer’s Day.

In Oakland tonight, Boston’s Daisuke Matsuzaka has struck out 9 A’s through 6 innings, while nursing a 2-1 advantage. The Red Sox starter has only allowed 2 hits, one of ’em a solo blast to Jack Cust. It’s been a rough viewing experience in the CSTB household — the only saving grace of the many commercials for Sovereign Bank is that I cannot see ’em in HD. Trust me, the Rem Dawg’s toupee is terrifying enough in low definition.