OK, while the floundering Nets are unlikely to take a page out of the Danilo Galinari handbook and fashion a colossal upset tonight against a heavily favored Western Conference opponent, at least they can rest easy in the knowledge the club’s recent suitor Mikhail Prokhorov, is far more entertaining than his Dallas counterpart when it comes to free expression (link taken from Dave D’Alessandro)

All greetings!

I hope you are all well. Soon the New Year, and we are bound to take stock. I, however, before the holidays just the darkness of work – as always, all business projects are completed at the end of the year. Although there is a significant plus: the more you close in the past year, the more time and opportunity will be for new projects in coming.

One such project has to implement on Friday, 27 November, in Paris, which hosted the XIV-th session of Russo-French bilateral commission at the level of Heads of Government. Our delegation was headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, and during the work of the commission was signed by a large number of business transactions, including the establishment of a joint venture in Russia market of thermal energy between ONEXIM Group and TGK-4 on the one hand and the company Dalkia International SA ( Dalkia) on the other.

Together with our partner, we want to make a breakthrough in the modernization of district heating systems with modern innovation to achieve results on improving the quality of services to consumers, the optimization of tariffs and transparency of the heat market, as well as in the medium term, elimination of cross subsidies.

Well, in general, one of the business projects “overthrown”!

At the same time resolved another important question for me. I have apologized for the known events of January 2007. So in this case is over.

By the way, next year, officially declared the Year of Russia in France and France in Russia. My Charitable Foundation is actively pursuing an ambitious program aimed at the development of Russo-French cultural relations. Thus, in early November, France was the special guest of the book fair, which the Fund is held in Krasnoyarsk, and is currently in Paris, completed a tour of the Theater of Lev Dodin, the general partner of which is our Foundation. During the month the theater by 24 performances, which is comparable in size only to tour the Moscow Art Theater, headed by Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko, which took place at the beginning of last century.

Of course, it was impossible to ignore the city of Lyon, where in November 2010, the Fund plans to hold a festival of contemporary art “Unknown Siberia”. His goal – to present France’s vibrant contemporary culture of Russia, a new image of the country itself, to destroy the stereotypes in the representation of two cultures on each other. And I certainly do hope that the Lyon prosecutor, judge and police, despite their employment, will have time to visit the festival. At least, I plan to send them an invitation.

This is my big French epic.

All greetings! Good luck.

Mikhail Prokhorov

By “events of January, 2007”, I can only assume Prokhorov is referring to this.