Or perhaps we can call it The Witless Protection program. “If I try to do a short post on how craven and cheap the Nets’ marketing doof-in-chief is, I’m going to wake up an hour later staring at 1600 words, with like 400 of them being profanities,” writes CSTB’s David Roth, alerting us to Brett Yormark’s most recent attempt at putting the harassment of the Izod Center’s (few) paying customers behind him. From the Newark Star-Ledger’s Dave D’Alessandro :

The Nets had a œBag Exchange Wednesday night, when all fans were invited to turn in their bags for a nylon bag with the Nets logo on it, and a note from Yormark himself. The note read, œThanks for letting us see your face, we hope we see it more often at Nets games “ Regards, Brett Yormark.

The team did not promote the exchange beforehand; they merely instructed personnel to identify bag-wearers and offer to make the swap. The nylon bag will also include trading cards.

As for the original perpetrator, a gentleman from Morristown who was seated with his brother in the second row, Yormark said he invited him over for a bag lunch next week.

œWe might stream it live on our website, so all the fans can enjoy a nice constructive conversation about the team, because he was expressing his disgust the other night, Yormark said. œAgain, the tickets he received were free, and I thought it was inappropriate, so he expressed himself and I expressed myself.

As for that bag lunch, let’s guess: He’ll be serving chicken salad

(Star-Ledger link courtesy Nets Daily)