Full credit to New Jersey Nets VP CEO Brett Yormark (above, middle), routinely pillaged in this space, for having the wherewithal to actually locate a paying customer amidst the the acres of empty seats at the Izod Center.  The New York Daily News’ Julian Garcia has Yormark — optimistically called “one of the most fan friendly executives in the league” defending the honor of his 7-63 Nets during last night’s loss to Miami.

With the Nets trailing 79-67 between the third and fourth quarters, Yormark left his courtside seat and passed Chris Lisi of Middletown, N.J., who was sitting in the second row and wearing a paper bag over his head. Yormark then walked back toward Lisi, and in full view of reporters and photographers got into a shouting match with Lisi and a pal.

As Yormark jabbed his finger toward Lisi as he shouted something, Lisi pulled out a pair of tickets and waved them back at the CEO, who then stomped away as security personnel approached.

A Yormark spokesperson said the executive had no comment regarding the incident, but Lisi claimed that Yormark had incited it by asking him why he had the bag over his head. When Lisi sarcastically answered, “Because the Nets are so good,” Yormark snapped at him. Neither Lisi nor his companion, who joined in the shouting match, is a season-ticket holder, and they seemed to be unaware of whom they were arguing with.