My home delivery of Serbia’s Sportzki Journal is somewhat erratic — I strongly suspect one of my neighbors is stealing my copy. Luckily for me, however, Nets Daily has the nitty gritty on the aforementioned publication’s recent interview with Nenad Krstic.

Zurnal: Considering your contract and your obligations to Partizan, does it remain enough money for you?

Krstic: If I want to be honest then I must say that there were problems at the beginning; I was nervous. I don™t have anything to hide. Many people think that I solved all my [financial] problems, but that is not truth. Literally, I am playing for Partizan now. That is truth at this time.

Zurnal: It seems that you are angry with your ex club?

Krstic: Partizan was very incorrect with me. They were sending me letters during season. I didn™t know was there some mistake or what, but I found out in them that I hadn™t paid them anything yet. Letters were signed by some President Colovic.

Zurnal: You think on Vice-President Djordje Colovic?

Krstic: Maybe he is Vice-President, that is not important, I don™t know that man. I made my agreement with Vlade Divac (Partizan™s President when Krstic was leaving the club). The most painful thing for me is that the club where I spent the most beautiful years had such an incorrect approach with me now. I don™t deserve it. They will get the money they are asking for.

Zurnal: You are resentful?

Krstic: Yes, I am. I can™t hide that. I was always trying to have a correct relationship with Partizan. Those letters¦ that was such a low blw¦ Just imagine: they were not sending them to my house, but to the team address. Sad. I was showing letters to my teammates and they couldn™t believe it. They were laughing in the locker-room. On the first page they were writing the best wishes to me on Serbian language, and the rest, the money part, was in English?!