MySpace : it’s not just for desperate bloggers, Mets draft picks or the worst bands in the world. It’s also a happy hangout for accused serial killers, reveals the Guardian’s Mark Oliver.

Tom Stephens, the man arrested today on suspicion of murdering five women in Ipswich, has a profile on the MySpace website in which he calls himself “The Bishop”.

The grainy main photograph on the 37-year-old’s profile on the top social networking website shows him smiling and wearing a fishing hat. He has eight people listed in his “friends space”.

Clicking on the photographs section reveals six images of Mr Stephens, including one in which he is holding up a can of custard and another in which he appears to be wearing eyeshadow.

Mr Stephens, who is currently detained at an undisclosed police station in Suffolk, describes himself as straight, single and says he is using the site for “dating, serious relationships, [and] friends”.

On the section about whether he has or wishes to have children he says he “loves kids but [they are] not for me”.

Mr Stephens says he is “athletic” and his interests are most types of “keeping fit”, and going on days and nights out. Where he is asked to describe his favourite film he jokes “sorry I haven’t starred in any” and he says he does not watch television “very often”.

In the companies section, he says he is a “team leader” and has worked for Tesco “from 1997 until they sack me”