(above: Citi Field ushers model their new uniforms)

The Mets’ Tuesday evening encounter with the Dodgers(ab isn’t even 30 minutes old and Daniel Murphy has already a) run his club out of an inning and b) committed a two-base error on a Juan Pierre line drive.  Believe it or not, these are developments Fred and Jeff Wilpon would prefer you concentrate on compared to the following just-issued report from Newsday’s Carl MacGowan :

A resident of Liberty became ill last Wednesday, three days after attending a Mets game at Citi Field on Mother’s Day, said Sullivan County manager David Fanslau. The unidentified victim became the county’s first confirmed victim of the H1N1 virus Monday afternoon, he said.

Because the woman’s trip to the game was her only known foray out of Sullivan County lately, Fanslau said, local officials officials suspect there may be a link.

Another woman from the county has a probable case of swine flu, Fanslau said. She showed flu-like symptoms over the weekend, Fanslau said. Sullivan officials believe she contracted the illness from the first woman, he said.

“Obviously, we don’t know for a fact, but it’s the first case we have in Sullivan County and we talked to her and the only travel she made was to New York City for the Mets game,” Fanslau said.

In tomorrow’s Newsday : Anthony Rieber suggests those whose lives are threatened by the Citi Flu learn to STFU and enjoy the pretty ballpark and fancy food.