If one more person complains about the new stadiums’ ticket prices or sightlines or lack of Mets history and I’m going to go off. I mean it. I’ve never heard so many people whine about something that is (overall) so positive for New York baseball fans.

I mean it. One more complaint and you’re going to hear from me, New York.Jim Baumbach, Newsday, Anthony Rieber, Newsday, April 23, 2008

I’m just curious — and I hope this doesn’t sound like a complaint — how many games at Citi Field or the new Yankee Stadium has Mr. Rieber attended this season, where did he sit and how much did he pay for his tickets?   Grousing about either ballpark is probably getting a little tired for some, but I’d imagine there’s a higher percentage of Rieber’s readership who’d consider $23 for an upper deck, obstructed view seat to see Mets play the Padres on a weeknight a rotten deal than those who find such circumstances irrelevant.  Which baseball fans actually benefit from the “positive experience”  of being unable to attend the games?

That said, a cursory glance at CSTB sponsor FanSnap today revealed a plethora of Mets and Yankee tickets being sold for below face value, with some of the former’s upper tier seats going for as little as $6. Transportation and concessions costs aside, it might be possible this summer to see a Mets game for less than it would cost to check out the NY-Penn League Brooklyn Cyclones