The grainy tones of Setanta brought QPR’s ugly home loss to Coventry into dozens of U.S. homes Monday afternoon, the game’s lone goal coming on City’s sole on-target attempt, an 85th minute penalty conversion by Gary McSheffrey.

This depressing news shouldn’t, however, take the shine away from the return of the Football League’s biggest Pagans fan, Arthur “Not Now” Gnohere. The former Burnley and QPR defender (above) is in training with Ipswich Town in hopes of a place in their first team.

The Guardian reports that Jose Mourinho’s refusal to shake hands with Arsene Wenger on Sunday stemmed from the former sending his North London rival an apologetic note inside a Christmas card, leading Wenger to have an associate inquire if the message was-for-real. Mourinho took offense, and the pissing match continues.