Free agent SS Jose Reyes is described in one report as “intrigued” by an alleged 6-year, $90 million offer from the Miami Marlins, one that would place him under the supervision of Ozzie Guillen and would almost certainly require incumbent SS Hanley Ramirez (above, left) approving a move to third base or the outfield.  Despite prior assurances Ramirez — perhaps not the ultimate team player — was ok with such a shift, the Miami Herald’s Clark Spencer insists that simply isn’t so.  And if that’s the case, as SBN’s Rob Neter points out, “if the Marlins sign Reyes, they’re going to be in a tough place.”

It’ll be tough to trade Ramirez, because he’s coming off a lousy season and is owed $46.5 million for the next three seasons. Ramírez’s value at the moment is at an all-time low, so if the Marlins trade Ramírez they’ll be trading from a position of weakness. Which is almost never a good thing.

If the Marlins keep him, he’ll almost certainly be less valuable playing somewhere else than he was playing shortstop.

Still, the bottom line is that Hanley Ramírez, when right, is good enough to play anywhere. And, if right, will be worth more than $46.5 million whether he’s playing center field or third base or second base or wherever.

If he’s right.