Bears 39, Saints 14

LaDainian Tomlinson was just on the phone. He thinks Reggie Bush needs to cool it on the TD celebrations.

Though I’m certain whoever wins the Pats/Colts game will be the favorite in SBXLI, Chicago was awfully imposing this afternoon. Forcing what seemed like endless N.O. fumbles, a defense that allowed few holes if any for Bush and Deuce on the ground, along with a punishing, patient running tandem of Thomas Jones (above) and former Longhorn Cedric Benson, the hosts fashioned a potent enough combination that Rex (Fucking) Grossman is going to his first Super Bowl.

Then again, if Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson won rings, perhaps Grossman isn’t the most unlikely QB on earth to follow suit.

Following Bush’s 88 yard TD reception early in the 3rd quarter, cutting the Chicago lead to 16-14, not only did I figure momentum had shifted to the Saints, I was expecting Brees, Bush and McAllister to go nuts in the remaining 27 minutes. Rather than blame the elements (and there were no shortage of drops throughout the day), there’s nothing revelatory (and nothing untrue) about declaring the Bears defense the class of the league. Whoever wins today’s shootout at the RCA Dome will sorely need every day of the two week break to prepare.

I’ll have something predictably Pats-centric to impart much later tonight after the New England/Indy contest, currently tied at 28 with 10:26 remaining, has concluded. (I need to stock up on Sam Adams and distressed baseball caps in the meantime.)  But I can’t help but wonder how much money you’d have won wagering on Logan Mankins, Dan Klecko and Jeff Saturday all scoring TD’s.