With today’s 17-14 loss to Arizona, the Giants have now dropped 3 of their last 4 to the likes of the Cardinals, Bears and Lions, as well as having blown a double digit lead for the 2nd consecutive week against an underdog. NY QB Kurt Warner (sacked 4 times) was especially ineffective during the 2nd half ; Cards RB Emmitt Smith continued to turn back the clock (or at the very least, refuse to replace the batteries) scoring two rushing TD’s with 67 yards on 19 carries.

Speaking of blown double digit leads, let’s just say that the Jets’ 20-17 OT loss to the Ravens wasn’t exactly an example of superior clock-management or smart play calling. The Jets wasted a shot at winning the game with the ball on the Baltimore 5 yard line and 8 seconds left in the 4th quarter, failing to get a play called and having to call time out…then kicking the game tying field goal on 3rd down. 37 seconds down the drain without a play run….so much for Herm’s “you play to win the game” mantra. Earlier, in the first half’s closing moments, Lamont Jordan’s halfback option pass was picked off by the Ravens’ Ed Reed, whose ensuing return set up Kyle Boller’s 6 yard TD pass to rookie Clarence Moore (above). At the time, the Jets were up 14-0 and a field goal just before halftime would’ve been the likely knockout blow.

For only the 2nd time in NFL history, an overtime game ended with a safety. Since the game in question was played between the Bears and Titans, I cannot tell you anything else about it, however.

Green Bay’s 34-31 defeat of Minnesota (Farve, 4 TD’s,Culpepper, 363 yards, 4 TD’s) was a thriller worthy of a spot in a time capsule …if for no other reason than to prove to future generations that a DVD called “The Chronicles Of Riddick” did exist and was advertised very heavily on Sunday afternoons.

Good news if you have Indy’s Peyton Manning on your fantasy football team : his 5 TD’ passes against Houston should count for something or other in your hobby of choice. The bad new is that you’re still playing fantasy football… and few reasonable jurors will convict someone who punches you in the face.