Nice to see that Joe Buck (above) couldn’t wait until Week 2 to start screaming like a banshee on Fox’s outdor studio show. “BRING US SOME WATER!!!!!” The thought of Joe melting after the bucket is poured on him is a little too enticing.

Cardinals 34, 49ers 27

No, I didn’t think this would be one of the day’s best games, either. While the Edge’s Arizona debut wasn’t an eye-popper from a fantasy standpoint, I can’t deny that his addition makes the Cards a credible threat. When they’re playing one of the worst teams in the league.

3 TD’s and 301 yards in the air for Mr. Brenda Warner. G-d clearly disapproves of Matt Leinart having sex outside of marriage. Either that, or his cameo in the Nike commercial where Urlacher squashes those poor high school kids.

Jacksonville did enough to shut down T.O. for long stretches Sunday, and Byron Leftwich looks like he misses Jimmy Smiths as much as the cast of “L.A. Law” missed Jimmy Smits.

OK, perhaps that’s unfair. Maybe they missed Jimmy Smits like crazy. It’s been a long day and the appropriate pop culture references come easier for some of us than others.

Colts 6, Giants 0 (2:00 left, 2nd quarter)

Jay Feeley just Vanderjagt’d a FG attempt to the left. If Season 4 of “The Wire” wasn’t starting at 9pm, I’d be far more grateful to NBC and the NFL for their efforts in arranging a few minutes of football around all of the ads featuring the Manning Family.

There must be a good reason why the New Orleans Saints decided Donte Stallworth was surplus to their requirements. I’m all ears.

3 INT’s and one fumble for the Pseudo-Snake against the Rams. The only thing more annoying than the inevitable hue and cry for Jay Cutler to start is the way John Mark Karr has taken responsibility for Denver’s loss.