All it took was one pleasant Wisconsin afternoon to make Tom Brady look like an All-Pro again. Brett Favre was K.O.’d early, which might seem like a bummer for a certain someone (cough) who started the Pack QB ahead of Marc Bulger on a fantasy team, but there’s another way of looking at it.. At least he was spared the spectacle of Favre throwing 5 2nd half interceptions.

On the subject of early exits, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb suffered a torn ACL in his right knee, an injury that not only ended his Sunday against the Titans, but all but renders the Eagles a non-factor in the NFC East. T.O.’s other best pal, Jeff Garcia came out of the closet off the bench to throw about 300 passes in the losing effort.

Congrats to Houston’s David Carr on the day’s most insignificant achievement.

The 49ers are about 3 minutes away from winning their biggest game in 3 years. SF RB Frank Gore is having a career day (194 yards, 1 TD) but I have a sneaking suspicion he might do this a few more times before he retires.

Peyton Manning’s got about 6 minutes to do what he does 2nd best (other than hawk nearly every product on TV) — a Marion Barber carry from 1 yard out has given the Cowboys a 21-14 lead over the Colts, and those ’72 Dolphins are getting ready to celebrate the only thing they have left to live for.

(UPDATE : Dallas hung on, 21-14. A 38 yard pass down the middle to Marvin Harrison gave Indy the ball on the Dallas 16 with less than 4 minutes to go, but a pair of Manning incompletions from 8 yards out led to a turnover on downs. Helped in no small measure by a face mask penalty on Colts CB Marlin Jackson, a 20 yard run by Barber on the ensuing possesion became a 35 yard gain. The Cowboys ran the clock out, and now the entire country knows why Tony Romo is dating O.J. Simpson).