, Tennesse and Tampa Bay all earned their first wins of 2006, the latter two earning the first NFL wins for QB’s Vince Young and Brad Gradkowsi respectively. But the playoff-vibe game of the day — save for Seattle surviving a big day from Torry Holt and Marc Bulger — was New Orleans’ comeback, 27-24 victory over the Iggles. The not-quite-washed-up Joe Horn (above, 6 catches, 2 TD’s 122 yards) was a favored target of Drew Brees (27/35, yards). 10 months removed from a Week 17 shoulder injury, the Saints QB is making excellent use of the varied weapons at his disposal. I’m still not sure why Daunte Stallworth is no longer one of them, but I look forward to the long explanation.

Brees’ successor in San Diego, Phillip Rivers, put on a clinic of his own against San Francisco earlier today (29/39, 334 yards, 2 TD passes), as the Chargers ran riot over the hapless 49’ers, 48-19. LaDanian Tomlinson had 4 rushing TD’s, all from 5 yards out or closer, while SF’s work-in-progress Alex Smith was sacked 5 times, fumbled once and picked off once as well.

Though I’ve never quite understood the saying, “you can’t keep a good man down”, apparently, you can’t keep Terrell Owens nor Jeremy Shockey down every week, either.

The Dolphins were a (long) Olino Mare FG away from tying the Jets at the gun today, but no dice, as the New York Manginis improved to 3-3 with a 20-17 win. Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles hooked up for a pair of TD passes, and more surprisingly, the Jets actually rushed for 103 yards. That might not seem like much, but it actually represents serious improvement from the duo of Leon Washington and Kevin Barlow. I’m not sure when a new Folk Implosion album is coming out, but that’s why SNY’s has such a detailed post-game show, to answer such burning questions.