(Plaxico Fantastico, somehow managing to concentrate while wondering when Tiki’s taking over “The View”)

Giants 14, Bucaneers 3
(11:20, 3rd Quarter)

Full credit to Michael Irvin, Tom Jackson and Mike Lupica ; Tiki Barber’s retirement talk has proven a huge distraction…for all the Tampa Bay receivers who are dropping passes.

How much colder does it have to get in Jersey for Chucky to opt for a hat with a proper lid on top? Seriously, why not just wear shorts and flip flops if you’re really committed.

Packers 28, Arizona 7
(7:41, 3rd quarter)

Favre’s just tested positive for Prilosec. If this is, indeed, Denny Green’s last game in charge of the Cardinals, at least the weather’s nice.

Falcons 20, Bengals 17
(7:09 left, 3rd quarter)

Somebody was guarding Chad Johnson on no. 85’s 2nd quarter TD catch from Carson Palmer, but as he turned to vapor on the play, I won’t be identifying him. As part of the league’s much heralded flexible schedule, I’d prefer if they could pause all of the other games on the schedule to create fewer distractions for this one.

(ADDENDUM : Falcons 29, Bengals 27, 2:48 left. Hottest game of the game, and with full respect to Colt McCoy’s escape act last night in Lubbock, best game of the weekend. Amazing how fast Chris Henry can fly down the field with an ankle bracelet).

Maybe the Ravens should’ve dispensed with Jim Fassell much sooner. Like say, before he was coaching the Giants.

Up by 41 with about 17 minutes of football to play
, why is Rex Grossman still taking snaps for the Bears?

After yet another dose of Houston’s inferior pass proctection, Tennessee has knocked David Carr out of the game, with Sage Rosenfels trying on an ill-fitting Superman cape. The suit’s been a slightly better fit for the QB Houston could’ve had, Vince Young (1 rushing TD, a 20 yard TD pass to Rob Brown), but the Texans’ 4 turnovers have been the real killer.

Even Jeff Weaver thought Jamal Lewis was washed up.

Jerry Porter is expected to play for the Raiders against Pittsburgh later today. Presumably, actually having to watch the game in person is far bigger punishment than a month off without pay.