French performance artiste extraordiniare Jean Louis Costes will make a rare (?) Central Texas appearance tomorrow evening when he brings his patented brand of confrontation-tastic exhibtionary to the small stage of East Austin’s Scoot Inn (1308 E. 4th St.), Saturday evening, February 24.

Costes (shown above, making the scene in Memphis recently), a former collaborator of Lisa Carver, and a veteran of the Lydia Zamm star vehicle “Crack Kiss”, will be joined by Aunt’s Analog, Quebron, and a few other musicians I know zilch about so I’m hesistant to say “boo” , one way or another.  But the party should be getting started around 10pm, with admission a measly $5.

After the show, Jean Louis will preside over a roundtable discussion over whether or not the Wild Card has been a good or a bad thing for Major League Baseball.