Cardinals 4, Mets 2 (Cardinals lead the series, 3-2)

What do you think Fox was trying to say when they picked Weezer’s “Hash Pipe” for their Wevie Stonder I highlights?

You can keep telling me the game is over. But I’m certain Shawn Green is still in right field running after a ball that’s rolled all the way to the wall.

Take a bow, Jeff Kellogg, you more than earned a full Cardinals playoff share tonight. Even Eric Gregg thought it was deplorable.

My own biased moaning aside, Weaver didn’t fold after allowing a 2-RBI double to the ‘Stache. La Russa burnished his genius credentials by leaving Stonder on the mound to face the Carlos Twins with Boogie Shoes on first in the 5th inning ; the least talented pitcher in the Weaver clan got both of ’em to pop up.

That Tom Glavine was taken deep by Albert Pujols is no disgrace — it was a matter of time before the latter did some damage, and it least it happened with the bases empty. But the subsequent 2 out, 4 pitch walk to Scott Rolen two hitters later was the real killer. Either Glavine forgot about Rolen’s dead left shoulder or his location totally sucked, probably the former.

It was a  hell of a bounceback night for the St. Louis relief corps — though I’ll insist they had Kellogg looking out for their best interests, Josh Kinney didn’t give up a game tying HR to David Wright in the 8th, while Randy Flores and Adam Wainright recorded the biggest outs of the night, if not the series, against Green and Valentin respectively.

Does it look grim at the moment for the Metropolitans? Mos def, and especially so when you consider their pinch hitting options consist of automatic outs Michael Tucker, Anderson Hernandez and not-quite-Kirk-Gibson Fred Sanford Cliff Floyd. My lack of rational perspective is still glued to Mota and Wagner pissing away Game 2, but I can still come up with a few reasons for optimism heading back to Flushing.

1) For a shot at winning their first World Series in 20 years, the Mets need to win two games in a row, at home, against an opponent that won 83 games in the regular season.
2) If last Friday night is any indication, the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner is neither Jesus Christ, nor Mike Scott.
3) The Mets apparently have some kind of history in these Game 6 / facing elmination contests. I’m not familar with the details, but I’m told there’s a popular DVD box set that chronicles the story, along with a critically acclaimed (by Eddie Trunk) film starring Michael Keaton.

Gary Cohen just suggested that Jeff Weaver wasn’t very good tonight. I look forward to the ensuing coverage of Cohen’s growing surliness.