….but plenty of Carlos Boozer, the former immoveable object-turned-unstoppable force (above) put up 35 in Utah’s 101-96 defeat of the Raptors Monday night, a result that left the Jazz (10-1) with the NBA’s best record. Their last 4 wins have come without the services of Andrei Kirilenko — and in the presence of Scott Layden (I’m not sure which is the bigger handicap). Paul Milsap had 20 points off the bench for Utah on an evening in which T.J. Ford, Chris Bosh and Fred Jones (the 3 Raptors whose names I can spell easily) all shot well beneath 50%.

There’s gonna be a Richard Nixon dollar coin in 2016. I’d like to think Gilbert Arenas’ might come sooner, but Agent Zero’s got another type of electoral recogntion on his mind. Perhaps too much so, if The Hype’s to be believed.