Of the Los Angeles Clippers’ recent ascent to respectability,  former Clips Chris Kamen likens the transformation to going from “the worst possible franchise in NBA and all sports history … to one of the top ones,”  Currently ensconced in a Dallas uniform, Kamen spoke with Hangtime’s Jeff Caplan on the eve of his first game against his former team at Staples Center, saying of his former employers, “before (Chris Paul) was there no one wanted to be there. It was like people hated themselves for being there.”

“They’re in L.A., they got the market, they got the sponsors, they got the people, they got the fans, they’re getting the players. It’s getting there…if Donald Sterling (above)  sold the team,” Kaman quipped, “they might be able to.”

But, before you think Kaman is about to rip on the stingiest and arguably the most abhorred owner in league history…

“The truth of the thing is, while I was there my first four to six years, he was tight with everything. He didn’t want to spend the money,” Kaman said. “I think as he’s getting older he’s realizing, ‘Hey, I don’t know how much time I have left, whatever it is, I’m older.’ You can’t, you know, win in the grave. I’m serious.”