From Ovrld‘s Facebook page, 6/5/16 :

We booked a show with a trio of local acts we love supporting and SNUFF REDUX, a Seattle band we also love, and we made the call to merge it with Moving Units’ show after their opening acts had to cancel. We did this to help The Sidewinder and because we felt it would offer our bands a chance to play alongside a veteran act we greatly admire. A member of one of the local bands, schilling, took issue with this change, calling the increase in ticket price “bullshit.” We can respect someone’s frustration at a last minute ticket price change, and we even used some of our own guest lists spots to make sure all of the band’s friends got in free, but how this person behaved once he got to the venue was disrespectful and disappointing. This musician insulted Moving Units from the stage and also insulted the bands we had booked. He then ended his meltdown by smashing a venue mic against one of his amps. When we asked him to apologize to the sound personnel, he refused, then vomited all over one of his band mates in front of the venue.

Wait a minute, someone insulted Moving Units? THE Moving Units? Moving Units are gracious enough to bring their internationally acclaimed collection of haircuts to a mid-sized Austin venue and some bunch of local nobodies have the unmitigated gall to INSULT them?

I think we’re all pretty goddamn lucky Moving Units managed to look past this colossal display of immaturity and unprofessionalism and still perform at Sidewinder. At least I presume they still performed as there’s not enough money, drugs or bullets in the gun you’d have to put to my head in order to get me to ever see them again. I might’ve stopped by had I known somebody was gonna hurl over the rest of his or her band, but I’m gonna presume that was a more spontaneous gesture than talking shit about Moving Units.

Either way, we’re also super fortunate there’s a local music website devoted to upholding decorum and defending honored guests in our city. Can you imagine the fallout if word got ’round about Moving Units being verbally abused? You might think I’m kidding, but take it from a genius showbiz vet, there’s a chilling effect of sorts. One day you’re turning a blind eye to someone ridiculing Moving Units, the next you’re finding out that Sixx:A.M. can’t play the weekend of Formula One due to a “scheduling conflict.” Maybe it’s all fun and games for the rest of you puking, posturing assholes, but thank fucking christ there’s a music blog looking at the big picture and doing their part to make Austin an important destination for world-class talent.