From the Ironton Tribune and Kirsten Stanley (link courtesy Jon Solomon)

Robert Alex Szatowski, aka WWE and ECW champion Rob Van Dam (above), and Terry Michael Brunk, aka Sabu (above), also a former ECW champion, were pulled over on U.S. 52, near Patrick Street in Hanging Rock at about 10:15 p.m. The two were apparently driving from their performances at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena earlier in the evening. According to the OSHP, Szatowski was initially stopped for speeding. When troopers approached his vehicle, they smelled marijuana and performed a search. Troopers found the wrestler in possession of 18 grams of marijuana and five Vicodin, prescription pain pills. Brunk was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and also had nine pills that were not immediately identifiable, but were known to be controlled substances, according to the OSHP. Both were cited and posted bond at the scene.

Hacksaw Duggan and the Iron Shiek were unavailable for comment.

Jon also passes along an item from today’s NY Times business section penned by Noam Cohen in which Shane McMahon is revealed to be planning a relauch of the WWE in-house organ as a new psuedo FHM/Details-type publication.

WWE’s editor, Tony Romando, said that past W.W.E. publications had an intense following, but “were like a zine,” fanatically devoted to what happened in the ring, and printed on less-attractive paper stock. In the new magazine (which will carry a pumped up newsstand price of $5.99), rather than simply review “the greatest razors for the season,” he said, “we have a wrestler who dresses in drag, why not have him test the razors and serve two masters at the same time?”

(coming to a lifestyle mag near you, Dustin Rhodes’ journalism debut)

I realize this is 2006 and I’m dating myself a bit, but it does seem a crying shame that some of the wrestling media’s pioneers can’t take part and teach the new school a thing or two. Surely I am not the only person willing to pay $5.99 to learn how Bill Apter Pleases A Woman?