(when Rumsfeld says he knew nothing about this, I’d really like to believe him)

From the Daily Northwestern :

Due to accounts of alleged hazing, the entire Northwestern women’s soccer team has been suspended indefinitely from all team activities, Athletic Director Mark Murphy said in a press release.

A college athletics watchdog Web site, www.badjocks.com, published several pictures
Monday that identified alleged members of the women’s and men’s soccer teams involved in simulated sex acts, forced drinking and bondage with athletic tape.

The hazing, which is outlawed under university and athletic department policies, was allegedly an intiation ritual for the freshmen on the women’s soccer team and was a nightlong, premedidated activity, according to the Web site.

The women’s soccer team’s roster has been removed from www.nusports.com, and an athletic department press release said an investigation is currently underway.

Ahem. A few thoughts come to mind.

1) Where was Bad Jocks during the field hockey hazing?

2) The above website is gonna have one monster of a bandwidth bill this month.

3) It is nothing short of miraculous that this story has been making the rounds all day and the Human Whoopee Cushion has yet to take or receive credit for it.