(above : presumably not the work of an art school graduate, but statistically accurate at one point in the past)

Given the season cannot end soon enough, you’d think the Knicks would struggle to create further cringe-worthy storylines this late in the year, but not for the first time, James Dolan’s prized sporting property has exceeded expectations. Following Sunday’s 109-90 capitulation to the Bulls at the United Center, New York’s Carmelo Anthony acknowledged (again) that he’s got escape options this summer, with the awkward quotes provided by the New York Post’s Marc Berman :

Behind the Knicks bench, one fan brandished a poster with Anthony’s picture and the inscription “Melo to Chicago.’’

“I saw a couple of those tonight,’’ Anthony said. “It was a good sign. It was good.”

But before taking Anthony’s compliment of the sign as a bad omen, the Knicks free-agent-to-be clarified he didn’t mean the sign’s message was “good,’’ but the presentation.

“The artwork, he went to art class,’’
Anthony said. “Not the message, but it was a good sign.’’