You can keep your Charity Shield and star-studded stateside friendlies ; the global soccer encounter of the weekend took place at Carrow Road where newly relegated Norwich City took it on the nose from Colchester United, 7-1. In the words of Unprofessional Foul’s Norfolk Ned, “the outrageous defending and the very nature in which the side capitulated during a first half containing 4 goals in 18 mins will not leave the memory for a very, very long time.”

So why did City fall apart? Former Hartlepool captain Nelson surely can™t be that bad can he? Did we really sign a goalkeeper who is incapable of playing at this level, with no clue how to position himself?

The atrocious defending by so called ˜professionals™ let their manager down, let their team mates down but most importantly, kicked Norwich nation firmly in the nuts and then followed that up with a stomp to the face. We are all embarrassed, angry and deflated, a national joke. The emails came, the phone rang and the laughing at our expense will continue at least until Tuesday.