Frank Fitzpatrick’s Philadelphia Inquirer story on Kyle Kendrick and the final Phillies exhibition also seems to tell us how a certain overly excitable #1 starter planned to spend the night before Opening Day:

The impatient Phillies regulars were set to depart for Philadelphia early, as soon as Kendrick changed his spikes and finished talking with reporters. But as his teammates filed out of the tiny dressing room, the questions kept coming.

Frank Coppenbarger, the manager of travel and equipment, reminded the pitcher that the bus was ready to roll. Pitching coach Rich Dubee nudged him, urging the writers to let Kendrick leave.

Finally, Brett Myers, who will open the season this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park against Washington’s Matt Chico, offered the compelling argument.

“Let’s go, Kendrick! ” Myers screamed. “I told you, it’s Wrestlemania night!”

Hmmmh… suddenly I like Brett’s chances for the Hall of Fame. The one Pete Rose is in, that is.