The lunacy of Signing Day took a decided turn for the absurd in February of 2008 when Fernley, NV OL Kevin Hart made quite a show of his dramatic choice to attend Cal-Berkeley over the University of Oregon.  Trouble is, Hart wasn’t being recruited by either institution of higher learning. Fast forward to the present day, and Hart — currently a sophomore at Feather River Community College, has taken to Facebook to update his adoring fans on future football plans.  From Lost Lettermen :

Hart responded to a post on his page on January 15 by commenting that his choices are between Division II schools Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, and Missouri Western in Saint Joseph, MO.

On January 4, Hart posted the following on his Facebook page: “Really thought I was close to making decision but after tonight things are wide open again, crazy!! Going on to St Paul on the 14th then Missouri Western on the 21st”

And when a friend commented that he thought Hart was set on a trip to St. Paul, Hart responded by saying he was until Missouri Western called in early January and “started talking offer and a visit so it’s back open u know how much I like Western.”

Yes, we know you like Western, Kevin, because you actually “liked” the school’s athletic page on Facebook. So it’s not a surprise that Hart is enjoying the recruitment process that he apparently never had four years ago and making it public through social media.