A day before Fred Wilpon took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to assure fans that Bud Selig will always have his back things are gonna be a-ok, eventually, Yankee mouthpiece/sophisticate Michael Kay (above) engaged in a Twitter debate with NY Baseball Digest’s Mike Silva over the former’s claim the 2012 Amazingly Destitutes would win no more than 55-60 games.

In the event the Mets’ win total is closer to Silva’s optimistic forecast of 77 to 81, Kay promises to don a Mets uniform top. If the total number of wins is closer to Kay’s gloomy prediction, Silva will be forced to (in Kay’s words), “write a story about how I am the best talk show host in NYC and how everything you ever said about me was wrong.”

I hate to interfere with this wager, but the stakes seem terribly unfair.  Were Michael Kay to walk around midtown Manhattan wearing a Mets jersey, passers-by would only assume he had terrible sartorial taste.  If Silva actually publishes an article calling Kay “the best talk show host in NYC”, the web journalist is very likely to find himself committed to a mental institution for his own protection.