(may Jose dance with Vescey’s date?)

Though the Mets’ 3-2 win over the Reds last night had it’s share of historical moments (Jose Reyes and Ruben Gotay connecting for the first back-to-back HR’s to start a game in club history, Da Edge scoring the game winning run without Wally Matthews or Billy Wagner finding fault in the way he touched the plate), there’s news of yet another injury (the ‘Stache’s mangled right pinkie), and a bit of insult on top of it.  The New York Times’ George Vescey takes umbrage at the likes of Jose Reyes or Carlos Delgado showing off their dance moves, and suggests the happy-footed Mets oughta “dial back the frivolity a notch or two.”

While playing erratically the first half of the season, the Mets demonstrated more dance steps than necessary, as if they were already cruising along Broadway with confetti fluttering in the November air. One sniff of the humid air should serve as a reminder that it is still very much midsummer, and these Mets have not won anything important yet.

They have a dance for every occasion ” intricate little steps performed in plain view, out in front of the dugout, where fans and opposing players can see it.

œReyes and Delgado ought to appear as a couple on ˜Dancing With the Stars,™  wrote my favorite Yankees fan, Eastside Al.

Reyes is only 24, disciplined enough and good enough to create a run leading off the All-Star Game on Tuesday night. I don™t think his elders are doing him any favors by participating in these little demonstrations in front of the dugout. Of course, old Bob Gibson would have known how to deal with these little terpsichorean outbursts.

Yeah, and what a crying shame it is that Gibson can’t come out of retirement to dust off any player with the temerity to show a little emotion. I wasn’t aware the Gray Lady was in the business of providing a vehicle for the quasi-homophobic rantings of Yankee fans, but I guess it beats the message boards.