Scott Olsen’s on-the-mound demeanor may not be an indicator of his off-the-mound personality. I’m sure there are plenty of foot-stomping, glare-intensive pitchers who, off the mound, are as relaxed and pleasant to be around as they are difficult to watch on it. Or…actually, I’m not sure of that. I’m actually fairly sure of the opposite. What I’m saying is that, while I know it’s probably not fair for me to assume that Scott Olsen is the sort of dude who would lead police on a drunken chase and then tough-guy them until they tazed him into submission because he seems like a jerk on the field, I kind of assumed that he was that sort of dude. Anyway, according to this AP story in USA Today, America’s brightest-colored daily, the recently off suspension Olsen did just that:

Police Lt. Michael Bentolila said Olsen was arrested in the Miami suburb of Aventura, where an officer clocked him driving 48 mph in a 35 mph zone and attempted to pull him over at about 3:40 a.m. The officer used the police car’s lights, siren and public address system to get Olsen to pull over in his Infiniti sports utility vehicle, but he did not stop, Bentolila said.

Olsen, the winning pitcher in the Marlins’ 10-2 victory over the Cincinnati Reds on Friday, continued to drive about one mile, running a stop sign before stopping at his Aventura home, Bentolila said.

Olsen then got out of his car and sat down on a plastic chair in front of his home, Bentolila said. When backup officers arrived and tried to arrest him, Olsen resisted by kicking at the officers, who then stunned him with the Taser, Bentolila said.

The sitting in a plastic chair detail is nice. I can only hope that he claimed to have been sitting in the chair all night, offered to assist the officers in any way possible. Or blamed the whole thing on Miguel Cabrera’s poor defense.