On the same day Yankees managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner issued a press release expressing his pride in the team’s 2012 season (“we earned the best record in the American League and were one of the four teams to advance to the League Championship Series, despite having to overcome and fight through a series of long-term injuries to a number of our key players,”), NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (above, right) echoed those sentiments on his Friday WWOR radio appearance, saying of the Yanks’ being swept by Detroit in the ALCS, “if any of us can do it better, we can go in that business.” From the New York Post’s Dave Seifman :

“People say A-Rod isn’t trying,” said Bloomberg. “He’s a guy with enormous pride. He’s got an ego and he’s got reason to be — he’s a great athlete. He wants to hit a home run more than the team and the fans want him to hit a home run.”

If there’s one sport where the players need to do better, it’s basketball, according to Bloomberg.

“I’ve never understood why they didn’t make every free throw,” he said. “You and I in golf, the air is different, the wind is different, the slope is different, the kind of grass is different.”

The basketball court, noted Bloomberg, never changes.