Prior to a highly encouraging outing from El Duque (above) against the Cards (6 IP, 1 run, 3 hits, 5 K’s), Newsday’s David Lennon couldn’t resist breathing down the necks of a couple of coaching legends.

Tony La Russa evidently is through discussing Thursday’s DUI arrest. Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight — a close friend — accompanied him to today’s game at Tradition Field and La Russa did not entertain questions on the subject. When a reporter asked if Knight “kidded” him about falling asleep at the wheel, La Russa snapped, “Why don’t you go ask him?” The Cards manager probably hoped the cantankerous Knight would punch the reporter in the face. But the exchange continued, with La Russa pointing toward the Mets dugout and saying, “Why don’t you go stand over there.”

Though I hate to encourage Lennon’s ambulance chasing tendencies, it seems like a seriously dilligent reporter would’ve managed to get a quote from a certain bartender.