From the New York Daily News’ Julian Garcia.

Manhattan girls hoops star Epiphanny Prince (above) scored a mind-boggling 113 points yesterday in a game for her Murry Bergtraum High School team – making Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game look like child’s play.

“I guess this is just once in a lifetime,” said Prince, 17, of Brooklyn. “This is amazing to me.

The 5-foot-10 senior hit an incredible 54 out of 60 shots in leading her team to a 137-32 rout of Louis Brandeis High School.

It was only after the final whistle blew that Prince found out she had shattered the girls high school record set by the legendary Cheryl Miller, who went off for 105 points in a 1982 contest.

“When I found out I broke the record, I just started smiling,” Prince said. “I couldn’t stop smiling.” The triple-digit display came an hour after Prince told her coach she was getting bored playing against weak competition.

Prince, who plans to play for Rutgers next year, started the game strong, hitting for 39 points in the first quarter. By halftime, she had 59 points, topping her previous complete game career high of 51. She scored only 1 point from the free throw line and hit just four 3-pointers as she knifed through the defense at will to score layup after layup.

Even Cleveland Cavaliers phenom LeBron James was impressed.

“That is amazing,” he said last night. “I am happy for that girl. . . . I guess she is going to be in the WNBA. Score 113 points, you might be in the NBA.”

(Friday Addendum : predictably, the coach of Louis Brandeis High takes exception to being shown up.)