Admit it, Knicks fans.  For the past two seasons of sucking on purpose (as opposed to the prior years of sucking regardless of intent), you weren’t dreaming of D-Wade, Chris Bosh or The King Of Narcissism.  You were dying for the moment Anthony Randolph (above), Ronny Turiaf and/or Kelenna Azubuike joined Amar’e Stoudemire to form a team that could finally contend…for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.  And while I’m sure there are wild parties happening all over NYC today, in the home of Joey from Straight Banging (whose op/ed Mr. Roth so graciously linked to), there’s not nearly so much celebration over LeBron James’ alleged decision to leave $30 million on the table and join Wade and Bosh in Miami.  As for me, I’m already on the 35 year waiting list for season tickets at MSG, though said list might decrease a bit if the Knicks can dump the Eddy Curry Suppression Ring’s expiring contract.  Eddy is using a couple of courtside chairs that could otherwise be sold to high rollers like myself (donning our newly purchased Azubuike jerseys, of course).