After Newsday’s Alan Hahn had done his best to prepare us for a slim, trim, chisled Eddy Curry Supression Ring, Knicks Media Day resulted in what can safely be called varied reports about the fitness of New York’s lumbering underachiever.

For the first time in years, Curry will take the basketball court with a healthy, well-conditioned body and a relatively clear psyche.
Howard Beck, New York Times

Curry, whose season was a complete waste last year, is also expected to make his preseason debut against New Jersey. He™s lost about 40 pounds but he still looks huge and his conditioning leaves a lot to be desired. Both Walsh and D™Antoni admitted that Curry needs to get in better shape.

If Curry plays well he would increase his trade value and thus the Knicks could clear additional cap space to sign a second superstar to join LeBron. (Until LeBron re-signs with Cleveland we™re assuming that he™s coming.) If Curry plays well he could also opt out of his contract and score a lucrative deal during the off-season. It™s a win-win for Curry and the Knicks¦but only if he™s stops overeating and improves his fitness. – Frank Isola, New York Daily News

In somewhat less controversial news, Curry’s tattoo artist has successfully battled a ban on the practice in  DeKalb, IL.  Let freedom ring!