(the other Greg Anderson, left, also has nothing to say about Barry Bonds)

Unable to break trainer Greg Anderson under interrogation, the FBI this week turned their attention to the mother-in-law of Barry Bonds’ good buddy, along with unveiling the latest star witness against the Sultan Of Surly, household name Bobby Estalella.  Only Baseball Matters‘ Joe Perricone pronounces the goverment’s tactics, “an astonishing abuse of power”, which vaguely sounds like the name of an old Phil Anselmo joint. (link courtesy Sports On My Mind)

Barry Bonds didn™t kill anyone, he doesn™t smuggle cocaine into high schools, or rape little girls. He used something to make himself better at what he does for a living. He took steps to improve himself. Regardless of whether you think it was right or wrong, whether you believe that it is the government™s job to tell us what is legal or illegal to take to make us happier, stronger, faster or just plain high; what Bonds did is in no way commensurate to the level of money being spent, and quite frankly, laws being broken, in chasing him down.Make no mistake, standing by and watching our government do this without a word of protest will haunt us. This is a targeted witch hunt, a black man who is being taken down because a government employee “a man whose salary is paid for by you and me“ IRS Agent Jeff Novitzky, decided he wanted to take him down because he was an, œarrogant asshole.

Not to mention, this investigation, costing between $30 and $50 million while our economy is crashing like the Hindenburg, is the height of absurdity. Twenty federal agents raiding the home of a 60-year old woman, in an effort to pressure Greg Anderson to testify? Really?

Perricone makes an excellent point — if our government can use unlimited resources to punish a universally beloved sportsman like Bonds with no sign of public outrage, who will object when they come to take away Roger Clemens?