“I don’t think he needed to go that far with the comments,” Mark DeRosa said of Marty Brenneman, “Obviously, he has some deep-seated hatred for Chicago.” Hmm, possibly Tribco booting his son Thom from the ‘GN booth has something to do with it?

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(talk shit, get hit — Marty Brenneman)

During the last of the Cubs-Reds series Wednesday, Cincinnatti’s Adam Dunn clocked one into the Wrigley bleachers. As is tradition, Cub fans tossed it back, but then added 14 more balls as well. Rather than blow it off as a more entertaining crowd maneuver than, say, a wave, from the bleacher bums, Brenneman cited Cub fans as the most “obnoxious” in baseball and said the 15-ball toss “makes you want to see this Chicago Cubs team lose.”

Us? The lovable losers? We’re the worst? Imo, the team that gave us Marge Schott, Pete Rose (and Pete Rose Way, and by extension Tom Sizemore’s ESPN depiction thereof), and the Nasty Boys of Rob Dibble’s tenure that gave Dibble his current public career “ aren’t exactly in a position to lecture anyone on classy behavior. The 15-balls incident appears to be some sort of Wrigley cultural turning point. As in, “huh, Cub fans pissed to see their team giving away a game?”

The sight of Cub fans demanding a winner in Wrigley appears to have stunned sporting experts, like the Tribune’s Rick Morrissey, who writes of the incident: “Cubs fans are not the most obnoxious in baseball… But they have become meaner. And maybe all the losing has taken away some brain cells.”

A loss of brain cells? Only at Wrigley could fans pissed off that their team is losing be seen as obnoxious and mean.