The St. Louis Cardinals’ move from KMOX to KTRS has been mentioned in this space previously, but not with the impassioned plea for decorum provided by the following gent’s letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch ,

I live 120 miles from St. Louis and have listened to KMOX for years, attend six or seven Cardinals games each year, and am a baseball fan.

I don’t listen to KTRS much simply because it just doesn’t have the class of KMOX. I’m not sure of the market that KTRS is trying to reach, but listening to on-air personalities using vulgar phrases seems pretty tasteless to me.

I’m certainly not a prude, but have found a long time ago that I can communicate just as effectively without marginal talk like that.

I’m sure the Cardinals will make more money in the short run with KTRS ownership. But in the long run, I’m not sure the dumb-down image of KTRS as the Cardinals flagship station will serve the Cardinals’ image well.

Max Jaeger, Mattoon, Ill.

Mr. Jaeger has a point. I checked out KTRS’ daily schedule and was dismayed to see that legendary shockjock Paul Harvey (above) appears on the station 3 times every weekday.