Perhaps the recent spate of stories concerning Brett Farve, Michael Vick and female-sprinters-that-look-like-guys have distracted you from one of the more entertaining regional pissing matches of late.  To wit, Oklahoma City F/C Nick Collison gushed about the awesomeness of his adopted hometown of Seattle, WA, an act of disloyalty that earned him the ire of WWLS host Jim Traber (above).  After hearing Collison go toe-to-toe with Traber, Bill Simmons tweeted the former had “worked an OKC radio moron like a speedbag.” Said offering, predictably enough, caused Traber to turn his hostility towards Simmons, a decision the Daily Thunder’s Royce Young figures worthy of dubbing the broadcaster, “Lord Of The Idiots”.

I agree with Traber in a sense that Simmons has gone over the top about this Seattle/OKC crap, but this is just going to end badly, even if some random act of God it picks up any steam. All that will happen is that Oklahoma City sports chatter will get humiliated once again on the national stage and Traber will have to field calls for another week about it. One thing that makes me want to headbutt my coffee table though is that Traber is acting like people like Simmons and myself aren™t any different than anonymous Internet commenters, except that we use our real names. THEN HOW ARE INTERNET COMMENTERS ANY DIFFERENT THAN YOU, JIM? Your platform is the radio. Bill Simmons™ is a podcast and a column for What™s the difference? I truly think Traber™s mind exists in a parallel universe where he cannot see such logical things.

Then, to cap it off, he ripped Simmons for not allowing comments on his columns and then rips me for allowing them on mine. Face palm. And he seems to forget that he has a website with a message board with anonymous commenters and also works for a radio station with a message board with anonymous commenters.