I realize the Brewers only recorded 27 outs on Sunday, but it felt like Oliver Perez induced Milwaukee to fly out some 30 or 40 times. The Mets’ enigmatic starter took a one hitter into the 9th inning of a 9-1 rout, and at the risk of simply parroting Tim Marchman, the Xavier Nady trade is looking like one of the signature deals of the Omar Minaya Administration.

I’d also be remiss in failing to praise His Omarness for the number of fortuitous roster moves that I was quick to ridicule on prior occasions. Hands up, everyone who predicted Damion Easliey — doing fine work in place of The ‘Stache — would have 5 HR’s on May 13 compared to Hideki Matsui’s two? Was there one person (other than Shawn Green) who foresaw Shawn Green performing so well at the plate after such a horrible spring training? And while Mets fans and lovers of urine-soaked handshakes alike are hoping for a quick recovery for Moises Alou, could Carlos Gomez have had a more auspicious debut? Along with a great diving catch in right, Gomez doubled, singled, scored a pair of runs and stole his first base in the big leagues. Whether or not the rookie has a real future in Flushing is hard to tell, but the thought of his speed at the bottom of the lineup coupled with the established threat of Jose Reyes at the top is more than a little fun to fantasize about.

There’s no truth to the rumor, by the way, the Mets and MLB were auctioning off a pink bat that was used on Abner Louima.

Either Sam Perlozzo might want to rethink his handling of the Orioles’ pen. Or perhaps the instituion of corporal punishment for poor fielding. Trailing 5-0 and having lost Josh Beckett to a returning blister problem, the Red Sox took advantage of no fewer than 3 defensive gaffes in a wild 9th inning, winning an improbable 6-5 decision. It’s Mets For Me observed the joyful scenes at Fenway and would like to suggest a very cold shower for all concerned.

Is it me or are the players taking things a little far in their walkoff celebrations? The Red Sox won on an error by the pitcher covering first, against the Orioles, in May. But if you didn’t know better, you’d think they just cured throat cancer.

No, it’s not me, it’s them.

I mean, cmon, you think Ty Cobb bounced up and down like a doofy bastard when his team happened to win a game in the bottom of the ninth? No, he probably spit at someone’s mother (if it was mother’s day) and then went home to kick his dog. It all seems strangely undignified. Plus, if you celebrate like that over nothing, what do you do when it counts, like in the playoffs? Hire a stripper and get it catered? I’m going over to ask the expert at Mets Walkoffs right now. Maybe he can shed some light on this phenomenon.

Your slightly sunburnt editor-in-chief spent a portion of Sunday gazing from the first base line during Round Rock’s 5-3 home loss to Portland. Former Met Scott Strickland pitched a scoreless 8th inning for the visitors, which forced me to recall the time a guy at the Mets team shop on 5th Avenue claimed the reliever’s wife threw a fit because they weren’t selling any shirts with her husband’s name on them. The story could’ve been an exaggeration, but considering they were flogging Ty Wigginton tees at the time, I think she had every right to be furious. Good to see you, Scott, and here’s hoping the Beavers’ gift shop has a plethora of items with your name or face on them.