The following might serve as a cruel bit of humor following Tuesday’s infield escapades and all-t00-typical of late Mike Pelfrey struggles in Atlanta;   the New York Daily News’ Andy Martino would have you believe there’s some signs of life from the only man in baseball tougher to dump than Jose Guillen, the Mets’ Oliver Perez.

Pitching coach Dan Warthen, who has been candid in the past about Perez’s struggles, has been pleasantly surprised to see an uptick in velocity in the lefthander’s bullpen sessions. Perez throws a light session nearly every day.

Even though the Mets do not use a radar gun in the bullpen, Warthen has noticed more life on Perez’s fastball in the past week or so, since he altered his workout routine. Where he once spent lots of time in the weight room, Perez now focuses on running.

“If he can bring into a game what he now has in the bullpen, that would be progress,” Warthen said. “Then we could see him pitching in more meaningful spots.”

Team sources maintain that they are not considering releasing Perez, or sending him to the minor leagues.

“I wish I had a reality show,” Perez said. “Then you could see how hard I’m working.”